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Just when you think things can’t get any better, you can now have our hot condiments delivered directly to your door without ever having to leave your seat.

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Community share issue

Community shares are withdrawable shares that cannot be sold, traded or transferred between Members, unlike shares in a typical company. We’re finalising details, but here’s some info in the meantime.

Info and Help

Each shareholder has one vote regardless of how many shares you own. Minimum amount requires is 20 at £ 1.00 per share. At our Annual Meeting, to which all will be invited, each shareholder has one vote.

We will be a community benefit society. Which means our profits are reinvested in our work, although we do hope in time to pay dividends to our shareholders.

Your investment should qualify for tax relief. The share prospectus will explain how.

Membership (inc. 20 shares in Norwich Mustard)

Our supporters

We could not establish Norwich Mustard without the help of those who have supported us, especially those who supported our crowdfunding campaign. Here are links to some who have helped us and we hope, can help you, should you be setting out to create your own enterprise.

Help, advice and a wealth of information from the network for Britain’s thousands of coops.

The largest crowdfunding platform in Britain. Its fees are reasonable and the advice they give you as you set up and run your campaign, invaluable.

A charitable Trust set up in 2015 with a £150m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. The people to talk to when you need inspiration, advice or even a grant.

The go to people for advice on setting up a food or rural business. They have supported more than 350 community owned shops and pubs.

A Norwich-based creative digital team who like to “do different” online. They backed our original campaign as corporate sponsors, created all our branding, packaging, website and much more. Go GRIT!

All you ever wanted to know about cooperatives right here in Norwich. They can help you turn your idea into action.

These guys produced the videos of Robert on his tractor talking about Norwich Mustard.

Robert helped curate the original Norwich Mustard vision, gain traction and build the business in all areas. When not making mustard, he’s a social entrepreneur, author and conference speaker, too.