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Another day, another article written about Norwich Mustard

Winter Special Mustard

A community-owned cooperative that will make mustard in Norwich after Colman's leave...

Colman’s Mustard is leaving Norwich something that a lot of people in the city are not happy about. But feat not Robert Ashton, social entrepreneur is on a quest to create Norwich Mustard a crowdfunded cooperative.

In a nutshell, Robert is planning to:

  • Create a new community owned cooperative, with a crowdfunded share issue this Spring
  • Give everyone who cares about Norwich the chance to own shares and earn their dividend in mustard
  • Build a team of enthusiastic people to grow, process and market the products, right here in Norwich
  • Be innovative, dynamic, exciting, bold and of course, profitable and so around for years to come

The Norwich Mustard project is really coming along nicely with a website and product range taking shape. We look forward to tasting the home grown mustard (Our test sample jar was delicious). If you are interested in any-other kickstarter projects we love click here.

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