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Our video was viewed 5,500 times in just four days!

Our video was viewed 5,500 times in just four days!
Winter Special Mustard

This video was viewed 5,500 times in just four days!

In December, Unilever announced that Colman’s Mustard was leaving Norwich. After 160 years of continuous production, people were a little upset. Stephen Fry summed it up in a tweet; ‘Norwich without #Colmans? Take the Tower from London, the RSC from Stratford and the potteries from Stoke, but leave our mustard in the FineCity’. But this is not a protest campaign; the Unilever decision was I am sure not made without careful consideration. They are doing what is right for them.


So encouraged by Cllr Steve Morphew, I spoke on camera, suggesting we create Norwich Mustard, a new community owned cooperative that keeps mustard production here in Norwich. That caught the imagination of farmers, condiment producers, chefs and most importantly, those people who felt strongly about the issue. Norwich Mustard will belong to the people of Norwich. They will be the shareholders and we expect that they will want to see the new venture remain in Norwich for ever.

Coverage in the Eastern Daily Press and the promise of a grant from Lottery funded ‘Power to Change’, has meant that a crowdfunding campaign to set up the organisation, develop a business plan and prepare for a Spring community share offer raised 30% of £6,000 target in the first three days. Now it’s time for the business community to back the campaign.

As business leaders, we all have a responsibility to the community within which we work, employ and do business. I think there are positive PR opportunities for those that support this new venture too.

Here’s the crowdfunding page. Remember your sponsorship will be match funded by grant.